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Actions Technology Announced as LDAC Technical Partner for High-Quality Bluetooth® Audio


Actions Technology, a leading designer of low power wireless communication and multimedia processing SoCs, has announced that it has become an LDAC technical partner. This will enable Actions Technology to work closely with Sony Corporation (“Sony”) to integrate LDAC™ technology into its Bluetooth audio chips, ensuring that customers can enjoy high-quality audio experiences with the convenience of wireless connectivity.

LDAC logo

LDAC is a high-resolution audio coding technology developed by Sony that enables the transmission of high-quality audio over Bluetooth connections. It is designed to deliver superior sound quality compared to standard Bluetooth codecs, making it an ideal solution for demanding audio applications such as music streaming.


LDAC is a certified audio codec for “Hi-Res AUDIO WIRELSS” logo.

Products that adopt LDAC can receive the "Hi-Res AUDIO WIRELESS" logo certification by meeting the standard of “Hi-Res AUDIO WIRELESS” logo, providing consumers with an enhanced audio experience.

As an LDAC technical partner, Actions Technology will integrate LDAC technology into its Bluetooth audio chips. This will enable Actions Technology's customers to deliver high-quality audio experiences to consumers around the world. "

We are excited to become an LDAC technical partner," said Dr.Zhou, chairman & CEO of Actions Technology. "This partnership will allow us to bring the benefits of LDAC technology to our customers and help them deliver superior audio experiences to consumers around the world."

This partnership is a testament to Actions Technology's commitment to delivering innovative audio solutions to its customers. With LDAC technology, Actions Technology's Bluetooth audio chips will be able to provide high-quality audio experiences to a wide range of applications, from music streaming and beyond.


In conclusion, this announcement is great news for anyone who values high-quality audio experiences. With the integration of LDAC technology into Actions Technology's Bluetooth audio chips, customers will be able to enjoy superior sound quality with the convenience of wireless connectivity.

About Actions Technology Co., Ltd

Better chip, better audio visual life! Actions devotes its resources to developing SoCs for low power wireless communication, multimedia processing and other IoT technologies. Over the years Actions has developed a portfolio of IP involving Bluetooth communication, ADC/DAC, power consumption management, high-speed analog interface and audio processing. Customers can leverage Actions’ IP with complete hardware and firmware engineering tools to accelerate the development of end products using Actions IC chips.

For more information, visit: www.actions-semi.com

Better chip, Better audio visual life!



*LDAC and LDAC logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation.