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Navigating the Future: Actions Technology and П Intelligent Forge Pathbreaking Alliance


Actions Technology has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Shenzhen П Intelligent and Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (‘П Intelligent’), setting a new standard for the integration of embedded map engines in smart terminal devices. This alliance capitalizes on the robust capabilities of the Actions® ATS3089 series smartwatch SoC, promising to deliver exceptional global offline map navigation on smart terminal devices, thereby significantly enhancing the user experience.


“We are excited to merge П Intelligent’s expertise in wearable computing with the advanced smartwatch solutions of Actions Technology,” said Tan Jianjun, CEO of П Intelligent. “This strategic partnership is committed to meeting the sophisticated product design needs of our customers. The superior technical specifications of Actions Technology’s smartwatch SoC provide a solid hardware foundation for our collaborative efforts. The integrated 2.5D GPU hardware acceleration notably enhances map trajectory curve rendering and vector graphics acceleration (SVG), facilitating seamless zooming while preserving image quality. The 8-bit EMMC interface also offers superior storage access performance. Collectively, these features create the perfect conditions for embedding П Intelligent’s map engine into smartwatches. As we make our entry through wristwatches, we look forward to deepening our cooperation in the future and introducing more innovations to the offline map navigation terminal application market.”


Tim Zhang, Director of Actions Technology’s Wearable and Perception Division, remarks: “With the increasing consumer demand for smartwatch functionality, manufacturers are focusing on offline maps to provide more convenient and lightweight navigation. П Intelligent’s embedded map engine is a comprehensive offline map solution designed for embedded operating systems, boasting global map resources and a wide range of map functionalities and types. We are thrilled to establish a partnership with П Intelligent, jointly empowering the implementation of offline map features in terminal watch products, and meeting users’ positioning and navigation needs on smart terminal devices.” The combination of Actions Technology’s high-performance, low-power smartwatch SoC chip with П Intelligent’s sophisticated embedded map engine software technology effectively empowers smart wearable devices. This collaboration offers lightweight and precise navigation functionality to smart wearable users, greatly enhancing the overall human-computer interaction experience.


For more information, visit: http://www.iipii.net/article-detail/WqOO1Z8B


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