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Actions Technology Empowers Baseus’ First OWS Headphones, the Eli Sport 1


Recently, Baseus successfully introduced its inaugural OWS(Open Wearable Stereo) headphones, the Eli Sport 1. These headphones utilize the Actions® ATS3025 Bluetooth audio SoC as their main control chips, delivering remarkable sound quality. The Baseus Eli Sport 1 stands out with its exceptional audio performance, supporting 12 adjustable EQ modes, incorporating a deep bass enhancement algorithm, and providing an immersive sound experience. Moreover, it features dual microphones and advanced AI noise reduction algorithms, guaranteeing intelligent noise cancellation and crystal-clear voice separation during high-definition calls while enjoying Open Wearable Stereo (OWS) listening.


We are thrilled to continue our ongoing partnership with Baseus, delivering state-of-the-art audio wearables to consumers,” stated Harry Mei, the Business Director of Actions. Actions® ATS3025 platform empowers Baseus’ debut OWS headphones, the Eli Sport 1, with exceptional audio quality, providing users with a refreshing acoustic experience. The product boasts an impressively low latency of 0.06 seconds and seamless device switching. With a battery life of up to 30 hours, it is a genuine product that users should seriously consider.


He Jinhua, the Audio Product Director at Baseus, emphasized the close collaboration and the utilization of Actions’ Bluetooth audio chips in various Baseus audio products. “Actions® ATS3025 platform excels in audio quality, low latency, and energy efficiency, specifically designed for Open Wearable Stereo (OWS) products. The Baseus Eli Sport 1 further enhances the user experience with integrated sound effect algorithms and intelligent noise reduction, delivering a superior OWS headphone audio experience.”


About Baseus

Baseus originates from our core value “Based on User”. We are passionate to create minimalist products with easy-to-use design and haut class texture that cover all user’s preference. With more than a decade of focus on consumer electronics, innovation and creativity led us to where we are right now with numerous patents, international design awards, and a vast variety of product.


About Actions Technology

Actions Technology is a leading low-power AIoT fabless semiconductor company in China. We excel in providing high-quality and low-latency wireless audio experiences while prioritizing power efficiency. Our core expertise includes high-performance audio ADC/DAC, voice pre-processing, audio encoding/decoding, and audio post-processing technologies, enabling a superior audio signal chain. Additionally, we specialize in low-latency wireless connectivity with Bluetooth RF, baseband, and protocol stack technologies at the core.

For more information about Actions® high-quality, low-latency platform, visit www.actionstech.com.

Contact Information: ✉mp-sales@actionstech.com