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Actions Technology & Qday Technology: Pioneering 3D Smartwatch Interfaces


Actions Technology has established a close partnership with Shanghai Qday Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Qday Technology”). Together, they are advancing the application of the LiteGfx GUI framework on embedded terminal intelligent devices, lowering the development threshold for GUI interfaces on smartwatch devices. The framework is capable of simulating 3D and incorporates technologies such as particle systems and physics engines. Based on the Actions® ATS3085S/ATS3089 series smartwatch SoC chips, it creates more vivid and smooth interface stereoscopic visual effects while maintaining low power consumption, enhancing the human-machine interaction experience of wearable smart terminals.


“The Actions Technology SoC platform and Qday Technology have achieved precise adaptation, fully leveraging the hardware characteristics of the platform’s 2D/2.5D GPU unit. With hardware-accelerated 3D graphics rendering, the visual effects of the watch interface are smoother, more realistic, and cooler,” said Zhou Huaming, CEO of Qday Technology. “Moreover, the Actions smartwatch SoC chips are designed with an overall low-power approach, possessing both low power consumption and high integration. This balances the power consumption and performance of the product, laying a solid foundation for enhancing the expressiveness of wrist-worn devices like smartwatches.”

Tim Zhang, Director of the Wearable and Sensing Division at Actions Technology, stated, “Qday Technology’s one-stop GUI solution (based on the LVGL LiteGfx GUI framework) integrates design tools and embeds all 2.5D effects within LiteGfx Designer, allowing customers to easily use and develop personalized features, significantly shortening the development cycle. Qday Technology has developed a proprietary virtual 3D engine based on the 2.5D GPU, which has been implemented on the Actions® ATS3085S platform to simulate 3D GUI technology, giving light smartwatches an interface style similar to that of full-feature smartwatches. The two companies will continue their close collaboration to promote the application of the virtual 3D engine across Actions Technology’s entire range of chips supporting 2.5D GPU, bringing users a rich visual feast and a brand-new interactive experience.”

Currently, Qday Technology has developed over 20 special effects products. These products are suitable for interactive dynamic watch faces, application centers, task management, charging interfaces, and interface transition effects. Moreover, the resource requirements for these special effects animations are generally small, with the running memory only increasing by less than 100K compared to the original LVGL solution, and the UI resources for the butterfly and dice watch faces do not exceed 100KB.




By integrating Qday Technology’s rapid development tools, the full potential of Actions Technology’s smartwatch SoC chip GPU hardware acceleration will be harnessed, enabling developers to design dynamic, fun, or eye-catching visual effects on resource-constrained devices with embedded MCUs. This will bring a more enjoyable and diverse interactive experience to the user interface.

About Qday Technology

Qday Technology specializes in cross-platform, one-stop GUI solutions and special effects products, powered by its self-developed LiteGfx framework. Our 2.5D effects framework simulates 3D technology, integrating particle systems and physics engines, all accessible through LiteGfx Designer for easy, personalized development. We’re committed to advancing 2.5D technology, enhancing visual design to boost brand value and market competitiveness. Learn more at www.qdaytek.com.

About Actions Technology

Actions Technology is a leading low-power AIoT fabless semiconductor company in China. We excel in providing high-quality and low-latency wireless audio experiences while prioritizing power efficiency. Our core expertise includes high-performance audio ADC/DAC, voice pre-processing, audio encoding/decoding, and audio post-processing technologies, enabling a superior audio signal chain. Additionally, we specialize in low-latency wireless connectivity with Bluetooth RF, baseband, and protocol stack technologies at the core. For more information about Actions® high-quality, low-latency platform, visit www.actionstech.com.