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Actions Technology empowers Ele.me to develop high-quality smart helmet earphone


Ele.me, a leading food delivery app in China, has released an exclusive smart helmet earphone product for delivery riders. The Ele.me smart earphones are equipped with the Actions Technology Bluetooth audio SoC chip. This earphone product, optimized with a “dual-mic array + environmental noise cancellation algorithm,” effectively filters out wind noise and ambient noise during rides, ensuring clear communication. It is also equipped with open-type speakers on both sides to deliver robust sound quality. This design allows riders to hear the sound from the earphones clearly without obstructing their ability to hear surrounding sounds, making it safer and more timely for them.




“The product design of Ele.me’s smart earphones fully considers the needs of the riders, from noise reduction for clear calls to long battery life, comfortable listening, interaction with the app, and the use of an open-type sound system to ensure safety by clearly hearing ambient sounds, and more. We are committed to creating a smart and convenient little helper, specifically designed for our delivery riders, to make order delivery more efficient,” said the project leader of Ele.me. “Actions Technology’s Bluetooth audio SoC chip provides a high-integration quality solution for this smart earphone, with its high sound quality, low latency, and low power consumption meeting the needs of the product design. Especially, the call noise reduction effect brings great convenience to the riders’ journey.”


The product manager of Actions Technology stated, “We are honored to collaborate with Ele.me to provide millions of active delivery riders with a comfortable and stable audio product experience. Ele.me’s smart earphones are designed to be non-intrusive for the ears, allowing for long periods of wear without causing ear fatigue. They also boast a 20-hour stable connection life, waterproofing, and easy quick-release installation, making them usable in all seasons and a sincere and excellent product choice. We look forward to continuing our close cooperation in the future and seizing the opportunity to jointly develop more reliable equipment for delivery riders.”


Based on Actions Technology’s Bluetooth audio SoC chip, the open OWS solution features Actions Technology’s low-latency, high-quality audio technology and the latest generation of low-power consumption technology, and integrates spatial audio functions. It excels in high-quality audio, sound effect processing, stable transmission, call quality, and battery life, delivering robust sound quality and a stable, clear audio experience. It is a comprehensive and mature wireless audio solution that can be widely applied to various forms of audio wearable products.